Fitting software

Our intuitive programming software helps you deliver precise fittings and superior counseling for each and every patient.

The industry’s best hardware deserves its most intuitive software

How do you make the best hearing aids in the world even better? With sophisticated fitting software that simplifies customization and fine-tuning. We've methodically designed our software so that — in your hands — accurate fittings are effortless and patients enjoy the personalization that only you can provide.

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Inspire X makes personalized fittings effortless

Every patient's hearing needs are unique. With our latest updates to Inspire X, you have an even more personal, accurate way to fit your patients with Starkey's Prescriptive Fitting Package including a Feedback-Free Start, Multi-Channel Speech Optimization, Dedicated Music Compressor, Hearing Reality Pro, REM Target Match and Multiflex Tinnitus Pro. We strongly believe a precise fitting is critical to creating successful patient outcomes, which is why this system is integrated into all Starkey products.

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Inspire X 2023.1 details

Installation Instructions

Inspire X installs directly into the supported client database and does not require install from within the database. The application installs best through Inspire Updater or online from this site. Once downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions.

If prompted to restart the computer during this process, please continue to follow the prompts after restart until the "Finish" prompt appears. If the installation does not begin automatically, browse the contents of the device, and double-click the Setup file. Installation time may vary.

If you are unable to download Inspire X software online, have questions or need support, please contact Starkey Technical Support.

What's New in Inspire X 2022.1

Starkey is dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible. That’s why Evolv AI is the perfect combination of exceptional sound quality and a full line of easy-to-fit hearing aids that meet every patient’s need. They offer:

  • Our clearest sound ever, even in noisy environments
  • Improved connections to devices, including the ability to take and end phone calls via the user control onboard the hearing aids
  • Health and activity trackers

Sound Quality: Evolv AI hearing aids boast our most exceptional Starkey Sound yet. With up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour, Evolv AI is expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment, including cars and other vehicles, so patients can hear and enjoy life. Evolv AI now expands its 40% reduction in noise energy to include wind and machine noise and Enhanced Edge Mode offers even clearer sound in cars and other vehicles. To optimize the battery life of Evolv AI devices we will be defaulting our binaural noise management strategy, Speech in Loud Noise, OFF with the exception of Restaurant and Crowd memories. These updated features are available with a firmware update to current Evolv AI devices.

Acoustic Options: We’ve redesigned our power dome earbuds to fit more comfortably in the ear. This update is reflected within the Acoustic Options page of Inspire X.

User Controls – Manage Phone Calls: Connect effortlessly with hands-free conversations. Now, patients can take and end calls directly from the user control on their hearing aids. Plus, hearing aid microphones pick up and stream their voice directly back to their iPhone and/or iPad, allowing them to seamlessly talk hands-free. This feature is available exclusively for iPhone users (iPhone 11 and later, iOS 15.3 and higher) and will default on. Additional details are available in Inspire X on the User Control screen in a new subcategory Manage Phone Calls.

User Controls – Tap Sensitivity: Within Inspire X on the User Controls page, we’ve added the ability to set and adjust double tap sensitivity for added personalization. Hearing Care Professionals may choose to program the Tap Control with Less, Default or More sensitivity.

TeleHear: The new TeleHear Remote Fitting Portal has been designed to make remote programming even easier, helping you work more efficiently. Engage in an appointment with your patients via video chat as well as view invited patients, enrollment status, and basic device information. Access the portal from the Get Started screen in Inspire X or while in the software, navigate to Patient Tools and log in through TeleHear Remote Services. Existing users will automatically be loaded into the new portal. TeleHear remote programming use/functionality is unchanged.

In-situ Audiometry: Inspire X software’s In-situ Audiometry feature now measures low frequencies even in open fittings. This feature can be accessed under Advanced Tools on the left navigation bar within the Inspire X software.

Inspire Updater Instructions

If Inspire Updater is already installed, you will see the icon in your system tray. You will receive a notification alerting you Inspire X updates are now available. If you do not see the Inspire Updater icon, please re-install Inspire X and upon installation ensure the Inspire Updater box is checked. For Inspire X software questions and support, please contact Starkey Technical Support.

Recommended System Requirements

Prior to Install

For successful Inspire X installation and operation, please make sure your computer has the following:

  • Processor Speed: Pentium® 4 or higher recommended
  • System RAM: 2 GB minimum, 3 GB recommended
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Hard Disk: Hard disk space required to run 1.5GB
  • Browsers (for eStore access, Inspire Updater, and TeleHear):
    • Internet Explorer® - latest version
    • Chrome® - latest version
    • Firefox® - latest version
    • Microsoft Edge® - latest version
  • Communications Port for Programmer:
    • Serial COM port (or an approved USB to Serial converter) is required for HiPro and HiPro 2
    • USB port for SpeedPort, SpeedPort 2, NOAHlink, HiPRO USB, SurfLink wireless programmer, 2.4 GHz Wireless Programmer and NOAHlink wireless programmer
  • Audio Hardware: Sound card and stereo speakers are recommended to take full advantage of media sounds
  • Client Database: NOAH System 3.x or 4, ProHear Deluxe or Standard, ProHear.NET, PatientBase

Software FAQs

Why am I not able to read the Evolv AI/Livio AI/Livio hearing aids using Inspire X?
  • The Bluetooth® is off on the smartphone.
  • The Evolv AI/Livio AI/Livio hearing aids have a timeout feature that prevents any hearing aid from pairing or reading it after three minutes of the hearing aid being turned on.
  • Restart the hearing aid(s) by opening and closing the battery door.
  • For rechargeable hearing aids: place them on the charger (turns them off) then remove them from the charger (turns them on).